Vicki Lee

Vicki has always had an interest in music even as a child. Having a mother who sang to her as a child was a huge influence. Vicki really didn't pursue it very much in her childhood. She became more interested as a teenager. She used her singing abilities in High School; she met Dan (her husband). She graduated from High School and married shortly after at age 17.

Vicki at 18yrs old became a mother of a beautiful baby boy; she focused her talents on their child. The next few years she had 3 more sons; by the time Vicki was 28 she had 4 sons. After her 3rd child in 1992 she resumed her singing career, by competing for Talent America which gave her the confidence she needed. She formed a Trio Act with her son Jimmy and her mother Laura it was called "Vicki Lee and Company".

As time went on she went on her own and was simply "Vicki Lee". She played at local areas for various occasions such as campgrounds, gatherings, organizations. Since then she's won awards from Downeast Country Music Association, 2001 teamed up with Stevie Cee and formed a duet team calling themselves Pop'N'Country.

Vicki and her mother Laura composed and released her first CD "Touch Of Life" which lead to winning more awards from DECMA and NACMAI.

Vicki Lee and her husband Dan have now been married 18 years, have 4 sons, Released her second album June 2004 called "Crossin' On Over which is receiving great reviews. Pop'N'Country recently dissolved the duet act to pursue separate ventures. Vicki is currently working on putting together a band. She also finds time to work during the day, attend all the activities of her very athletic sons, take care of the household, everyday events, be a good wife to Dan, and perform at various events Life is good for Vicki Lee..and every day she thanks The Good Lord.

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