Danny Roberts

I hooked up with my band The Plump Tones in ‘06 in Phoenix Arizona at Full Well Studio.  We wrote and cut our first CD together titled “Both Hands on the Wheel,” and learned a lot about the recording process. I have been writing and playing with them ever since. We just released our new CD titled ”Long Road Home.” We have Mike Bolenbach-engineer/guitar, Jimi Powers- lead guitar and back up vocals,Jeff Leece- on bass, Phil Janzen- on drums, and we add players as needed

I learned to play the guitar in the Navy on the aircraft carrier Intrepid CVA11 with a couple of my buddies that played and sang. I got out of the service and my dream was to put a band together and hit the road and try to make it in the music business. I ended up putting that band together in the 80’s, we cut some 45’s, had a few regional hits, and went on the road for radio promo through 26 states and 65 cities. We made top 40 on most of the indie charts with City Lights, You Can’t Stop a Fever, Bar Room Women, and Back Street Lovers.I was married with 2 children at home and life on the road wasn’t fair to my wife and kids, so I gave it up and drove a truck for 25 years to support my family. Gave up trucking, moved to Phoenix Arizona, wanted to get back into music, started writing again and met The Plump Tones in Full Well studio while doing a demo of a song I had written titled Time on my Hands dedicated to my wife about how I felt being away from home.

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